Our Story


At the core of our brand is a team with a simple philosophy – superior design evolves how we live, how we think and how we affect change in the world.

There’s inherent beauty that lies in finding something unique, something old, something that tells a story from a faraway land, by people that follow traditions handed down for as long as we can remember.
This is what we treasure, this is real magic.

And then there’s beauty in designing something new. Something that has never been seen before, something that inspires, something that one day will become a treasure for a generation far, far, away.


In 2022, Andre Geldenhuys, the co-founder of The Grand Living had a grand idea – to join forces and birth a new brand with Beck Ernst. And that’s how this amazing adventure began. Grand Living With Beck Ernst – by partners Andre Geldenhuys, Willem Strauss, Angelo Beck and Ernst Mare. Our brand is founded on a balance between old and new, tradition and revolution, what came before, what is still to come.